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= We are from xi'an, a world famous historical and cultural city. We have been standing together through storm and stress for 20 years and have a brilliant history in the last 20 years. We will writting a new era of F angzhou packaging in future.

+ In 1993

Xi' an Fangzhou was incorporated in Xi'an, an ancient capital in the east. In a simple plant, Mr. Wang Yongsheng,the founder of Fangzhou established Xi an Zhongbao Machinery Co., Ltd., The first integrative aluminum foil printing machine works of the western China, as well as the predecessor of Fangzhou. At the early stage, relying on the exquisite process, Zhongbao had created topping printing machinery being famous in China and praised greatly in the field.

+ In 1994

The level of Chinese pharmaceutical packaging was relatively behind hand. Most are packed by paper bags and glass bottles. As for such a situation, Fangzhou devoted all to the safety and health of civil medicines to establish the first production line for PTP aluminum foil by German technology; successively, the packing form began to be popular in China. Gradually, Fangzhou PTP production line also spread around China.

+ In 1996

Fangzhou invested to establish the first standard 10, 0000 class cleaning shop of China to improve the safety of products greatly.

+ In 1998

Fangzhou's first production line for compound packing was launched into production officially.

+ In 2002

Fangzhou's production line for pharmaceutical plastic bottles was launched into production officially.

+ In 2003

The early 21st century, with the development of pharmacy and the increase of clients' demands, Fangzhou established the topping cleaning shop cluster of pharmaceutical packaging materials; in this way, the safety of civil medicines was ensured to a great extent.

+ In 2006

Fangzhou began to engage in two fields including green and safe packing; finally, PTP water-soluble by products and heating aluminum and cold- forming aluminum with good humidity resistance were launched into the domestic market. Such many technologies have been laurelled for many times.

+ In 2013

Fangzhou Enterprise Group in 20th birthday.

+ In 2014

Fangzhou Laminated Films Production Machine fully updated,New Machines start to run.

+ In 2015

Fangzhou Passed the IS09001,ISO 14001 and BSOHSAS 18001 Certificates.

+ In2016

Fangzhou low- temperature plasma exhaust gas purification treatment equipment acceptance qualified,officially put into use.

+ In 2018

Fangzhou Management Department moves to new office.

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